Monday, October 5, 2015

Tend Baby Co.

My dears, tomorrow morning around 9 am (PST) I will be hosting a little pop-up shop (go here)! It will be stocked with a few handmade baby items, all made by friends of mine who have lovingly donated their time and incredible talents. All of the profits will be going toward a new malnutrition center in Haiti, run by my friend Brittany Hilker (find out more here!) I really hope that you will stop by and take a peek! 

Malnutrition is a big problem in Haiti, and it affects children and young babies the most. Over 100,000 children are currently suffering from severe malnutrition and many die everyday. I have followed Brittany's journey for many years and have prayed along with her from afar, cried when children were unable to be saved, and rejoiced when many under her care were given a new life. Hunger is a simple problem to solve when there are resources available. I know that resources are certainly not a problem for God, but we are His hands and feet. My prayer and wish is that I can be a small part of what He's already doing!

About a year ago, I was going through a rough patch. The culmination of many things coming together, including moving back to my own small hometown, triggered something in me. I felt insignificant. I felt dissatisfied with some of the things I was putting effort into that my heart didn't feel connected to anymore. I've often viewed myself and my little life as unable to be used for greater things. A suburban Mom who is often overwhelmed with life. Yet, I often find myself dreaming big dreams.

One thing I've learned recently is that when your cup is starting to feel empty, it might just mean that He's building you a new cup. A bigger one. One that can be poured out in greater and new ways. But the process seems to come with a few growing pains and definitely a sacrifice. A letting go.

The older I get, it's becoming harder and harder to look away from others who are suffering or in need. I feel a greater responsibility to respond. It's become more difficult to stay in my safe bubble of happy-go-lucky. The thing I've had to let go of is myself and my own fears because it doesn't always feel like what I have to offer is worthy of the cause. I'm thankful that what Jesus has to offer is worthy and that His grace is covering me.

This little shop may seem a small thing, but my heart is wrapped right up there in it. Putting a vision out there, asking people to help and to give without the guarantee of any sort of response has definitely made my heart beat faster and caused me to say many prayers, and we're just now getting to the actual sale!

I hope that you're encouraged by this, and that you know even suburban Moms who are often overwhelmed with life can do something. Even the fluffy things that you're into (like handmade baby bonnets) can be turned into an offering if you're willing. That He will make you a new and bigger cup when you are ready to let go of the old one.