Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Attitude of Gratitude

I've been thinking about what I am thankful for lately (a little late for Thanksgiving, but oh well)....there are so many things.  The obvious ones.....family, health, friends, and Grace.  The frivolous.....chocolate cake, warm socks, sleeping in, etc. 

One thing that I've been pondering is the small things we do everyday that affect others.  I know there are things people have done that may have not seemed like much to them, but have affected me profoundly.  Easy to recognize, but harder to act upon.  I rarely tell these people what their action meant to me.  My Mom is the queen of thank you cards so I have been programmed to always write one in the case of a gift, but I have not been good at writing "letters of gratitude" to those who have done more for me than giving a gift.

Today my thank you card is for the doctor who delivered my second daughter.  I've been putting off writing this card forever.  I know she didn't have to go above and beyond like she did.  I know she didn't have to genuinely listen when I voiced my concerns or when I broke down in her office at my six week postpartum checkup from sheer exhaustion and the overwhelming demands of parenting a young toddler and infant.  She didn't have to share her own struggles with being a Mom of two girls with me, but she did.  I recently found out that a month before my daughter was born her own Father abruptly passed away in an accident and her Mother was diagnosed with cancer.

She didn't have to mention in passing that she saw a suspicious mole on my back also at my six week checkup.  Many of you know that the mole turned out to in fact be melanoma cancer, which I had minor surgery to remove in June.  What some of you may not know is that my sister was prompted by my findings to have herself checked out.  Melanoma in a more advanced stage was found in her body.  She is fine now, but I hate to think how it could have spread had we not gone in.

The funny thing is that she has no idea how much she has done for me because I haven't told her!  It's time to put pen to paper.

It's the little things......keep being kind, keep speaking up, and always say thank you :-)

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