Friday, January 7, 2011

DIY inspiration

Do you remember being young and wanting something you couldn't have?  Did you ever try to make something of your own that was similar (at least in your mind) to that thing you couldn't live without?  I think that's truly the essence of the "do it yourself"  movement.

A while back I discovered the ultimate DIY blog called PS I made this.  I think I first heard about it in a magazine last summer. This girl Erica Domesek makes crazy things that will make you do a double take!  The site features fashion and home projects arranged in cool collages and easy to follow instructions.

Here's a little taste:

Would you wear that shirt? I think it's stunning.

Amazing!  And last, but not least, the only project I have tried myself (so far)

Here's a picture of mine.  Some of my vases were originally pink (I would not advise this!) and still need a couple more coats, but you get the main idea:

Erica's stuff is so awesome she wrote a book about it this last fall.

Inspired yet?


  1. I have a hard time looking ato DIY stuff cause then I want to do it ALL and then I get all sad cause I have no time to do it haha

  2. I know, sometimes I have to stop looking around for projects and take a break! What is your current address Kellee? Send it to me ( and I will send you a little something for commenting on my blog this week :). Hope you're enjoying your new home!