Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tiny notebooks

I can't remember where I heard it recently, but someone said that in America we're fascinated by things that are tiny and things that are really big.  Totally true!  Think about it.  Take anything you think of as so-so and then shrink it a little.  Suddenly it's cute.  Blow it up big and suddenly it's amazing.

I've been experimenting with bookbinding lately.  Once I had mastered the basics of a very-very simple version of binding, I decided to make them smaller.  Instant cuteness :)

These are very easy to make and much more fun to use than a regular notepad.  The tutorial I used can be found right here.  I changed the size of my cover to be 3.75 " by 5" and the pages are 3.5" by 4.75."

Shortly after the New Year I sent these out as special gifts to anyone who commented here that week.  Thanks again for being so great!

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