Monday, March 7, 2011

Fresh perspective

Maybe it was the sunshine, but this weekend I felt myself stepping in to a new realm of thinking.  A new way of seeing myself and my life.

I was standing in my kitchen on Sunday evening feeling extremely overwhelmed.  Thanks to the great creative projects in process and new opportunities, my house looked like a war zone.  Small piles of clothes outside the laundry room, stacks of dishes.

Immediately my mind went to a familiar place of cutting myself down for failing to achieve the "perfect family" status every one covets.  You know the-kids look/act perfect, house is always tidy, no laundry piles, no cracker crumbs in the car family we all know (or think we know).  For the most part I have let go of this picture of myself.  Or so I think.  I must admit sometimes this picture I have causes me to be unbalanced or to be not-so-nice when I am feeling overwhelmed.

As I was standing there on Sunday, feeling like a failure, I made a decision to let it go (again).  I reminded myself (again) that just like everything in life, what things look like are of the least importance, and so it is with a family too.

There's a lot to be said about responsibility, but in this moment I decided to laugh at myself instead of scolding.  I chose to remember that it's the attitude of a family-the spirit of a family that matters.  What are we going to do when we feel overwhelmed?  How are we going to face failure?  How would I want my daughters to respond to hard things in their lives?

So, I cranked up some music, the kids danced and I made dinner amongst the stacks of dishes.  We laughed about our mess and set about doing what we could about it.  I realized that tomorrow is a new day.  It's always a new day.  Perfection is a lie.

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  1. Randi - All I can say is that you are a great Mom to my grandkids and wife to my son. I'm glad you pushed through the negatives bombarding you and moved into having fun in the "mess". You are so right in thinking about how to influence your kids to move through life in a healthy way. Loving you! Mom-in-law