Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Paris Update

We have officially booked our flights to Paris!  November 2nd is the big day, which gives us almost two weeks to settle in before classes start.  Even though details are slowly working themselves out, things are still very surreal. 

We've been shuffling through some furnished apartments available online through rental agencies and there's one mystery we can't figure out....what is the deal with RED?!  As we scroll through photos of potential homes we always end up coming to something red.  It could be anything from throw pillows to entire bathrooms tiled in red!  It seems to be the color of choice.  It's also funny to see how many of the apartments contain the same wall art from Ikea.

Besides location, our main requirements are a washer and dryer (the dryer is not a staple in Paris), internet, stove (no hot plates!), an actual door to the bedroom and a shower.  It seems ridiculous that some of those things would not be available, but there are no standard features.  Bathtub and shower are often either or.  I'm still unsure about committing to something we haven't seen in person, so we may be picking one when we get there.

Have you ever spent time abroad?  I'd love to hear your story!


  1. It seems like of all places, PARIS shouldn't be the city where you find lots of IKEA art on the walls! :(

    You probably already know this, but the bloggers at Oh Happy Day ( and Design Mom ( just recently moved to France, so I'm sure they could give you some advice!

  2. Hello!

    A few weeks ago, I popped over here from Ohdeedoh + was so super inspired by your picnic birthday party! In fact, your party inspired a little baby shower that some friends + I gave to another dear friend of ours, and I thought you would like to know! :)

    Here is the link to the shower:

    Thank you again for all the beautiful inspiration! You have a really lovely blog!
    xo Andi