Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter

Ready or not, here comes Easter.  We're heading to Seattle to celebrate with some family and maybe do a little shopping.  I went simple this year and just got the girls each a little book (pictured above).  I have a feeling they'll be getting  plenty of candy this weekend from other sources!

While I'm busy driving west, here are some links for your Easter weekend:

Cardboard, all dressed up
More than a bunny: The Easter story according to Twitter
Say yes to books
When did Toms get so tiny?  
Ruffles + cake = magic 
Hands down, favorite wedding of the week: s'mores!
I'm heading to Anthropologie soon to try this on. ps-check out the main page of the site-I love the styling of the shoot!
What I wish I was eating instead of hard-boiled eggs.
Free shipping at JCrew!  I'll take one of these these,  and how about these (yeah right).

I hope your weekend is fabulous!  Did I mention my youngest is finally walking?  Lots of added fun to our Easter :)

PS- The winner of the "100" giveaway is:

 Please contact me @ to claim your prize.  Thank you for entering and for all of your sweet comments, they made my day!

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