Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy Friday + happy 6 years

Do you have any fun plans this weekend?

This Saturday it will be 6 years since we shared that wedding kiss above (dang, we were skinny!).

We were married on the Columbia in my parent's backyard.  There were twinkling lights, green skirts for the bridesmaids and a live jazz trio.  Even though we live in the desert, it ended up drizzling that day (of course).  

Besides tying the knot, my favorite memories are of dancing in the rain at the reception and seeing all of the colorful umbrellas at the ceremony. 

It's been long enough that my taste has changed quite a bit. I know a little more about weddings and a little more about myself than I did at just 21.  I would probably change a whole lot about that big day, but never the guy.  

That guy is kind, handsome, generous, wise, fun, consistent, creative and irresistible to me.  He's definitely my favorite.

Enjoy your weekend!  See you Monday?


  1. "i would probably change a whole lot about that day - but never the guy"
    sweetest post ever.
    congrats to the two of you and the sweet little girls that are yours six years later. love, lindsay

  2. I'm so glad you married my son! I'll never forget your comments during the ceremony..."I love everything about him!" We are so happy that you are now part of our family. Love you bunches, Randi!