Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Gender Reveal Party

A while back, some good friends of ours, Kimberly and Ryan, asked me and some other friends to help them plan a gender reveal party.  Baby number three is on the way, and they wanted to do something new and different.  Kimberly knew she wanted the gender of their baby to be revealed to everyone, including her and Ryan, at the party in the form of a cupcake.

I had a blast planning this special party with friends for a friend!

We decided to use yellow and orange as the main colors of the party.  I set to work on the invites, which featured Kimberly's darling silhouette.

The only one to know the gender was a friend who made the cupcakes for the party.  There was a lot of speculating going on as we set up Saturday.  We could hardly wait to see if the filling would be blue or pink.

The food was an assortment of Kimberly's favorite cravings (fit to match the orange and yellow theme, of course), including little cups of potato soup.  A few cupcakes, without filling were set out for the kids.

Guests were encouraged to vote for a gender.  Orange for boy, and yellow for girl.  I made wooden pins to represent the two teams and we all had fun seeing what Kimberly was having based on old wives tales.

A "boy" banner and a "girl" banner were waiting on the mantel for the big moment.

After lots of eating and chatting the big moment came.  Big boxes of filled cupcakes were passed around:

The Mama and Daddy-to-be before the big moment:


It's a boy!!!

The guests left with big smiles and bags of dipped pretzels:

Congratulations Ryan & Kimberly!  Thank you for letting us share this special moment with you.

*All photos by Swoon


  1. I love this idea! What an awesome looking party.

  2. Amazing, Randi! Love the color scheme, the boy/girl banners on the mantel, the cupcake liner banner. . .it's all so sweet!

  3. I read through the post loving each little detail (especially the colors) with baited breath to know the gender! I don't even know your friends, but I was giddy with excitement for them! Such a fun way to celebrate!

  4. Wow wow wow! I loved the pictures of them biting into the cupcakes and then their faces when they found out. I don't even know them and I was excited for them!
    Great job!

  5. What a fun creative party to put together! Loved all the beautiful pictures you took! You did a fabulous job putting the whole thing together!

  6. What an adorable idea. Great job on the details. I love it!

  7. I have looked at several gender reveal posts to get ideas for my own party. And the parents faces right after they bit the cupcake brought tears to my eyes. The excitement of finding out is so great! Thanks for sharing

  8. Randi!!!! Great job! You did an amazing job with EVERYTHING! Loved all the details. I hated missing the party but thank you for posting all of this so I feel like I got to be there, kinda:) You are so creative, love it!