Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pulling it together

My girls have always had separate rooms.  This fall we're planning to combine their rooms into one.  Lately, I've had fun dreaming about how to pull it all together.

Ellie (age 3) has always had a green and pink room.  It's gone through many a transition as it was once the test subject of many of my do-it-yourself projects.  Addie (age 1) has a color scheme of pink and yellow.  Her room has never been put all the way together, so it's not really a big deal to take it all apart and make something new.

My favorite thing in Addie's room is this vintage armoire I picked up at a Goodwill in Seattle for $30:

I love the shape of it, but the decals are hideous.  A year ago I had my mother-in-law make those little curtains out of a vintage sheet (and a matching crib skirt), but I'm kind of over the pattern.  I plan to paint the armoire white and keep the original hardware.  As for the curtains, I am thinking something along the lines of this print from scarletpoppe:

I'm on the hunt for a big white dresser they can share so the armoire can be dedicated to toys and puzzles.

Ellie has a duvet cover made out of a vintage sheet that I am still fond of:

Recently I was lucky enough to find the same flat sheet on Etsy and snatched it up to make another duvet.  This print is serving as the base colors of the room: dark pink, light pink, green, yellow and a little pop of aqua (it's hard to see the aqua in the picture).

As for the walls, I'm not attached to anything they have now, except the occasional framed baby picture.  I've been searching high and low for prints that make me think of carefree childhood days.  This is what I'm thinking today (ask me tomorrow and it might change!):

I LOVE this ice cream print from magalerie

This "pink day" print for kikiandpolly is divine.

And for a pop of blue, I like this "lovely love my family" print from tuesdaymorning.

I hope to make some colorful pillows as well, and find some large white wooden "E" and "A" signs to hang..  We already have some yellow grommet-top curtains that would match perfectly and a little white metal rolling cart to serve as a nightstand.

I'm hoping that by posting this, I'll be more motivated to get the refinishing and sewing done!  Decorating aside, I'm a little nervous to have them share a room.  Will they ever sleep again?  I used to share a room with my sister, so I know what it's all about.

Do your kids share a room?  Please share your wisdom!


  1. Interesting. I'm considering buying an almost identical green/white chevron fabric to make an ironing board cover. I know I'll have leftover fabric, so today I've been dreaming about what else I can make with it.

    Here's the fabric:

  2. nice topic thank you and thumb up !

  3. nice topic thank you and thumb up !