Thursday, July 7, 2011

Seize the day.

If you have kids, you're probably dealing with the new summer schedule, or lack there of.  Welcome to my life.all.the.time.  My kids aren't in school yet so we're living one big summer over here.

When my girls were tiny babies we stuck to a pretty predictable routine and everyone was happy.  Now that they are a little older and more interested in activities, there are moments of boredom and days where we could really use something to keep us on track. 

Recently I started writing out a loose schedule for our day.  I don't like to dictate every little thing we do-not fun for me, or them, but an hour by hour guideline has helped to bring a little order to the chaos in our day.  Spontaneity is great, but now we can be sure we get all of the important (and fun) things done.

There are twelve lines for each day to fill in however we choose.  Would you like to print one for yourself?  Just follow the step below.  

Download schedule here
Print on regular printer paper
Fill out and display!

*Feel free to print as many as you need.  You may share this project on your blog/website, but please send them here for the downloading process.  Thank you!


  1. Thanks! I needed a pretty way to display our day's activities. I find that especially with a baby, it helps to have things planned out so I can see what needs to happen next and not get sidetracked.

  2. LOVE THIS!!!! Just what I needed to keep my family on track throughout the day!!! Thanks!!

  3. thank u! hope this brings some schedule in our lives here