Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bright pants: Do or don't?

Would you, could you-wear neon pants?

How do you feel about the brightly colored pants showing up for fall? I think the trend is starting to grow on me a little.  I mostly stick to classic silhouettes and colors, but have been known to throw in some unexpected hues now and again.  My husband likes to bring up the lipstick colored corduroy pants I was wearing around the time we first met (hey-it was 2001!). 

J. Crew seems to have the best pop-o-color pants around, mainly because the shape is still classic.  What do you think-yay or nay?


  1. i also wore lipstick colored pants on my first date with my husband. i kept them around until this last goodwill trip, when i decided that there was no chance in ever wearing them (or fitting in them) again. hmmm... wonder if i should look for another colored pair...

  2. Yay! Especially the pink ones :) --Mindy