Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Book Inspired Party: The Story of Ferdinand

My favorite feature on the blog Hip Hip Hooray was Parties from the Bookshelf (seriously, go check it out!).  While I don't presume to know as much about parties as those talented ladies, I've decided to do a similar series from time to time over here.  

While reading with my kids, I often think, "this would make a great party!"  Do you do that too?  Well, we've only got two birthdays per year around here, and my oldest daughter seems to like more abstract ideas these days (this year she wants a "brown" party), so I thought I would share the extra ideas here.

First up:  The Story of Ferdinand (a current favorite!)

Pair these adorable envelopes with simple white cards as invites.
Decorate with this Lotta Jansdotter fabric and a wall of white paper flowers (tutorial over at Ruche). 
Serve these adorable strawberry flowers and decorate your cake with real flowers (like Chelsea did!).
Then send your guests home with a tiny "cork tree"

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