Monday, November 28, 2011

Highlights from a Thanksgiving weekend

This weekend started off with a bang!  Shortly after my family rolled into town, we headed to Ellie's school for a Thanksgiving dinner.  It was fun to see her play with new friends (I totally saw them poking holes in the pumpkin pie!)

I made a pie and fresh whipped cream for our tiny little feast.  This year we opted out of the whole turkey ordeal and cooked two herb stuffed organic chickens instead.  I really loved our laid back holiday this year.

I may or may not have worn these slippers most of the weekend...

We escaped to the beach on Black Friday where we played in the sun and tried on funny things at antique stores.

Then we ate ridiculously huge sundaes at Ghirardelli.  We really take our Thanksgiving weekend eating seriously.

We had an early birthday party for Ellie on Saturday (details coming!).  Our awesome neighbors Jeff and Navy and their two little boys who came over to play and join in the party fun. 

Jeff is the executive chef at McCormick & Schmick's (crazy coincidence, right?!) and invited all of us to come out to the restaurant Saturday night.  We had no idea he was going to set up a private table for us and spoil us with a sampling of the best things on the menu-it was SO great to pretend to be VIPs for the night and the food was amazing.  Thank you Jeff!

A certain someone wrote her whole name out for the first time at lunch on Sunday!  It happened out of nowhere and with no help.  So, so proud of her.

The whole thing ended with a rare date night in the city.  We walked around, wore mittens (ok, just me), drank coffee, talked, and ate at a cool outdoor tapas restaurant that had live music.  I love nights like this.  All that uninterrupted talking is such a special treat.

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and weekend too!  Bring on Christmas :)

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