Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Weekend of Adventure.

Friends, this last weekend was too good not to share.  If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you're probably tired of these photos (look away!), but I can't stop thinking of the fun we had.

We hit up the aquarium in Monterey on Saturday and ended up driving up the coast to the Big Sur area.  After dinner in the mountains, we caught sight of a perfect sunset over the water.  It was a fun day and the first time my children actually enjoyed something we paid admission for! 

Sunday morning we left the kiddos with my Mom and drove across the Golden Gate and up through the Sonoma country.  It was gorgeous (and surprisingly similar to Eastern Washington)!  The leaves are starting to turn, yet the temperature hovered somewhere near 80 the whole day.  Jeremy's Dad and Julie, a friend of the family, (and wine buyer!) invited us to come along to a food and wine pairing at Kendall Jackson in Santa Rosa.  Oh man, those VIPS get treated well!  The chef even let Jeremy take a peek of the kitchen.

I wish I could scoop up the adventure, family, and new experiences of this weekend and place them aside for later.  For the weekends filled with grocery lists and trips to the dog park.

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