Wednesday, January 25, 2012

From the desk: New business cards

I just realized I never showed you my latest business cards!  Business cards are kind of a big deal at Alt, so I knew I had to make something new for the occasion (no pressure, right?). 

I love how a card can tell so much about someone in such a small space.  It was a treat to receive so many gorgeous and creative cards this last week!

As for me, I stuck with a few of my old stand-bys:  kraft paper, glassine envelopes, and pretty masking tape.  I threw in some cute wooden flags for good measure.  What do you think?


  1. Your cards represent the aesthetic of Swoon so well! I saw them in a number of business card roundup posts about Alt Summit, and they definitely stand out. :)

  2. As you know, I LOVED them!! They stood out the most to me at ALT and I'm going to share them on my blog soon!! Great, great job with them. Can I have you make me a little wooden flag with my name on it? :)

  3. These are amazing! I love reading all about ALT's business cards :)

  4. I just saw your cards on She Paperie - they're darling!! I wish I had known you were at Alt - I would have loved to meet you!

  5. Your creativity is clearly seen in your business cards. Those will surely make a distinct impression on your clients, and they will remember you for that!

  6. Your creativity is clearly seen in your business cards.they will have a distinct impression on your clients..i wish to design plastic business cards same like that.

  7. Hello Randi,

    I discovered your very very lovely blog through Playful Learning and I've been always reading your new posts with great pleasure ever since.
    You succeeded to encapsulate the very spirit of Swoon in your new cards!
    Thank you for sharing all these beautiful projects with the world,
    Sending you my very best wishes and vibes from Prague, Czech Republic

    Aline (a half French, half Japanese graphic designer gone to Bohemia)

    1. Hi Aline!

      Your comment totally made my day, thank you! Hope you're having a great week in Prague :)


  8. Its really impressive work...these are helping me for choosing my Clear business

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