Monday, March 5, 2012

Highlights from a sandy weekend

We had all sorts of fun this weekend!  First up, we headed to the local flower shop on Friday morning (that counts as the weekend, right?)

My girls spent almost thirty minutes conversing with the duck in the sink.  Yes, her name was Pete and she had fun showing off for us by shaking water all over the place.  I was grateful for that duck.  She kept my little ones from "picking flowers" and allowed me the time to choose the perfect bundles of branches and flowers.  My flowers were wrapped in newspaper and tied with pretty twine-way better than cellophane!

After breakfast Saturday, we agreed that our planned day of cleaning could be put on hold.  The sunshine was too warm to stay inside.  We did clean the kitchen (a must!), then packed up some lunch and headed to the beach.

It's so fun to see my kids run free and be in an environment where I don't have to say "no" or "don't touch that" very often.  I think they need that sometimes.  We spent a long time playing in the sand, reading, chasing each other in the water, and watching the sailboats. We capped off the day with some local ice cream scooped into big waffle cones.

I'm happy to report the cleaning got done on Sunday and no one was worse off after our spontaneous trip!  I love times like this.


  1. Sounds so fun! I feel the same way about letting my little one run around free sometimes. I love the duck and the flowers.

    - Sarah

  2. Looks like a lovely weekend, Randi! It's the kind you just want to last forever...