Tuesday, April 3, 2012

DIY Bunny Bows

I've been having fun thinking of new ways to dress up our table for Easter this year.  I had a ton of veneer edging left over from this project, so we decided to make little bows that look like bunny ears!

Do you want to make some bunny ears for your table too?  They work great as napkin holders, but could be made a little smaller to wrap around colored Easter eggs too!

All you need for this project is a roll of wood veneer edging (an inexpensive material found in hardware stores), a hot glue gun/glue, a ruler, and some scissors.

Step One: Cut a 9 in. piece of veneer edging.  Now, cut your piece in half the long way.  You should have two skinny 9 in. pieces.

Step Two: Cut two inches off one of your pieces, making it 7 in. long.  Glue the ends together to form a ring and set aside.

Step Three: Hold your 9 in. piece horizontally, with the smooth wood facing you.  Gently twist one end around and glue near the middle.  Continue with the other side, forming a bow.

Step Four: Glue your bunny bow to the front of your ring, and you're done!

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