Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pinterest picks: Make it at home

I've been itching to make things lately, and fortunately there have been some great DIY posts floating around! 

Here are a few projects I've added to my list:

I love this homemade desk with hairpin legs!  I've had this in my mind forever, and now Casey has made one that all of us can copy!  You can find the instructions over at My Life as a Sugar Lander.

These chalkboard labels from Dandee are so clever and cute!  I know my kids would love to draw on these.

Of course I've got baby projects on my mind, and you know I love me some wood veneer!  This woodland inspired mobile from Melanie at You are my fave is just right!

Speaking of baby projects, I'm loving this simple homemade baby gym found over at Apartment Therapy.  Imagine the possibilities!


  1. :) thanks for the mention! totally make it... so easy!

    1. My pleasure, Casey! Totally planning on making it when we move home in August. Considering a small kids table with shorter legs too (our ikea one has seen better days).