Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Creme anglaise + the perfect popsicle.

My favorite thing about having a husband in culinary school are the little secrets I've learned about cooking along the way.  Well, that and the fact that I get to taste the magic in our tiny kitchen when he's up for it!

Something new to me is creme anglaise.  A mixture of sugar, egg yolks, hot milk, and vanilla that forms the basis of many delicious desserts.  It tastes like rich vanilla ice cream and we've been making it like crazy over here.  This recipe is similar to the way Jeremy makes creme anglaise at our house.

I was zoning out on the couch the other night when I heard the clinking of a whisk and metal bowl.  Jeremy had whipped up a batch of creme anglaise and was pouring in some orange juice to taste.  He filled our popsicle molds with the mixture and a few hours later we had the best orange creamsicles ever!

Now we can't stop making different combinations, like these berries and cream pops he made last night (pictured above).  Just cook some strawberries down with a little sugar and water in a sauce pan and let cool.  Layer with creme anglaise in molds and freeze! 

P.S. You can also throw creme anglaise (with any add-ins you want) in an electric ice cream maker to make soft serve!

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