Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Make it: Cement ABC's

Hello! How was your extra long weekend? We're having a blast settling into our new house and getting reacquainted with Seattle.

In an effort to catch up, I thought I would share some of my projects from the past few weeks with you.

First up are these lovely, really easy to make cement ABC's, shared over at Dotcoms for Moms. These were seriously SO easy and fun to make-imagine me hugely pregnant on my tiny apartment deck pouring cement with my Mom and Jeremy for a good laugh!

I turned mine into magnets, but I think these would be great on a shelf, or as unique party decor.  For complete instructions and tips on working with cement, head over to my post at Dotcoms for Moms.


  1. Hi Randi,
    Thanks for sharing these ~ they are so cute! I always see decorative letters in the store and never thought about making my own version.

  2. I think these would look great as decor around the house! I'll surely check the tutorial :)

  3. I can't find the tutorial on dotcommoms and I'd love to make those letters with my son! he's kind into making cement...lol

  4. Yes, I'd love to make these too, but whenever I try to access it at dotcoms for moms, I get an error message. Can you post it here perhaps? Pretty please??? :)

  5. Pls post a correct link