Sunday, October 28, 2012

A festive dinner in the Fall:

A few weeks ago we hosted a dinner for 25 people at Barnard Griffin, a winery in my hometown. It was so fun to test out our event planning/chef skills on a group of people we already knew!

Everyone met up in the evening for a four course dinner at tables that were simply decorated. We made boxwood garlands and placed them on cedar planks in the center of each table. Pine cone place cards adorned each plate and everyone walked away with a little jar of pumpkin butter to celebrate the season.

I'm sorry to say things got a little hectic (like me in the kitchen, nursing a baby while Jeremy plates 25 entrees kind of hectic) and I didn't get any pictures of the food! So terrible, right? Hopefully the festive spirit of the event was captured in the photos above, we had such a good time!

Stay tuned for a few more details...


  1. Randi, this looks so great!! The decorations are lovely, and that dark tablecloth sets everything off perfectly. Did Danyelle make the pumpkin butter?

    1. I made a triple batch of her recipe and my Mother-in-law helped me can them. It's so good and easy to make!