Monday, February 18, 2013

Favorite Things: Flora & Henri

I've written about the adorable children's shop Flora & Henri in the past. I stumbled upon their website a few years ago and fell in love with their heirloom worthy collection and spot-on styling. They recently invited me to visit their boutique in downtown Seattle to see everything in person. Jack and I took a little trip to the city and had so much fun taking photos and chatting with the ladies. I would have been happy to stay there all day!

In addition to their website, Flora and Henri had a few little shops scattered around the country a couple of years ago. They've now streamlined things a bit and the only actual brick and mortar shop they have is here in Seattle. Actually everything they do is right here. If you've ever ordered clothing from Flora and Henri, chances are it was carefully packaged up at the table you see below, as all of their inventory is in the shop. I love that! It was such a mom-and-pop like experience to meet the people that have made and prepared the things I've purchased. I have tremendous respect for businesses who can successfully rethink their strategy in this economy.

One of the things I loved about visiting was hearing the stories behind the clothing. Their new line of original knitwear (now on sale!) was manufactured in Nepal by a cooperative that is committed to training and educating women, and the proceeds go to supporting a local children's medical center. You can read all about their commitment to children here. They also carry a selection of pieces from the Danish brand Mor Mor Nu (also now on sale, those ruffle pants kill me!), which is led by a team of Danish Grandmothers (the youngest being 65) who create these handcrafted garments with the utmost love and attention to detail. Don't you just love that?

As you can see, they also carry a wide selection of beautifully chosen toys. Everything was so lovely, I was actually swooning over their hand-dyed fabric swatches. Of course we had to take a few goodies home with us! If you're in the Seattle area and would like to visit the boutique, make an appointment to shop-you won't regret it (you can also knock on the door and they will let you in!). If you're not in Seattle, be sure to check out their excellent website, there's a lot on sale right now!

Thank you for such a good time Flora & Henri, we will definitely be back!

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*all photos by me

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