Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mini Loaves of Love

I baked a loaf of banana bread yesterday (a family favorite), and ended up with some leftover batter. I decided to pull out some of the girls tiny bake ware and make a few mini-loaves. I wasn't sure how the little baking tins would hold up to a hot oven, but they did great and the loaves turned out so cute!

Step One: Bake up a batch of your favorite quick bread in tiny loaf pans.
Step Two: Walk away to pick up your crying baby...share a loaf with your dog (true story).

Step Three: No offense banana bread, but you're not the prettiest thing to look at (but you taste good, settle down) So, naturally you must wrap your loaves up in something pretty. I wrapped mine in some Martha wrap (don't tease), and sealed it with a punched out heart and a long piece of masking tape.

Happy almost Valentine's Day!

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