Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Crafts with Kids: Paint Pen Easter Eggs

I've been hearing a lot of "Mama, I'm bored," statements lately, and today I finally decided to take action. I've noticed that we haven't done a whole lot of spontaneous crafting/making lately. Sometimes last minute projects flop, but sometimes the stars align and they actually capture your child's attention long enough for you to clean the kitchen/sweep the floor/apply your makeup/or actually use the bathroom alone (insert activity you rarely get to do).

Today was one of the good days! I boiled a dozen eggs, taped some paper down for a work surface, and set out a new set of paint pens.This turned out to be a great alternative to dying eggs (which we will probably do next!) I've never let my girls use paint pens before, but I have now decided that they are the best way for toddlers to paint! Very little mess and great for my little writer. Why did I wait so long?

I did make them pose for a few shots, but for the most part, I left them alone. They loved this activity and it kept them enthralled for at least an hour. Their little faces were scrunched up in concentration and they were so proud of what they made. That right there is my favorite part.

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