Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Fairy Garden in a Box

The girls and I recently converted one of our planters out back into a little fairy garden. There is a lot of inspiration out there when it comes to making one, but we decided to start simple.

Everything you need to get started fits perfectly in a box and makes a magical gift for a child! Can you imagine someone handing this to you when you were little? As someone with a big imagination, I know I would have flipped.

To find out how to get started on your own Fairy Garden in a Box, hop over to my post at Playful Learning today.


  1. Wow, very crafty. I love it.

  2. I totally love this idea! My girls love making fairy gardens!

    1. Thanks Emma! We had a blast this first much potential for more in the future ;)

  3. Just poor your idea to be real. And get the touch of nature. Everything look like this was a magical for my self when I was little creating mini garden and miniature was my adorable experience during spring with my dad.