Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lucky Clover Pin

Last year I made table numbers with a glue gun and a humble bag of dried moss, and then I pretty much forgot about the stuff. I ran across it in the craft store this last week and it was practically screaming "St. Patrick's Day!" at me. So, today we applied the same technique and made some fun, mossy, good-luck pins.

All you need is a bag of dried moss, a wooden disc, a pen or pencil, a metal pin fastener and a glue gun.

1. Fire up you glue gun and let it get hot. Meanwhile, freehand a little four leaf clover on your wooden disc. No need to be perfect, you can always round out your design with a little moss.

2. Working in small sections, dab a bit of glue on to your clover and stick a tiny piece of moss on top. Keep working until you've covered the whole shape. Trim any excess moss as needed.

3. Turn disc over and glue pin fastener to the back.

4. Treat yourself to the seasonal delight known as the Shamrock shake.

Or, just do a bit of showing off.

1 comment:

  1. awesome-sauce. i know some little leprechauns that would love to make this wee shamrock. xo