Friday, August 30, 2013

Playful Learning World Tour (+ a giveaway-closed)

Hey there! I'm excited to tell you that today Swoon is hosting the Playful Learning World Tour. As I'm sure you know, I spend quite a lot of time over at Playful Learning designing, editing, and contributing. If you haven't checked it out yet, now is the time! Mariah has created such a fun and engaging space. From the daily blog to the monthly eLessons, everything is designed with your child in mind.

Throughout the month of August, Playful Learning has been traveling all around the world asking children about their favorite ways to play. We are honored to be the final stop on the tour today. Welcome to Washington!

I'd love for you to meet Ellie (age 5), Addie (age 3), and Jack (age 1)....

Where do you live?
Ellie: Um, oh, I know! Seattle-I live in Seattle!
Addie: Yeah, yeah Seattle.

What season is it right now?
Ellie: Summer. But, it's been raining and feels cold this week.
Addie: Summer!

What is your favorite way to play?
Ellie: I love to play with my family and my cousins too! I also like to sing, make things, cut with scissors and watch butterflies fly by. My favorite toys are My Little Ponies.
Addie: I like to play with all of my animals. Yes, and painting too.

What do you like most about learning with friends?
Ellie: I love to learn new things with my friends at school. It's good when you teach each other new things too. Everyone is so smart!

Can you tell us something special about where you live or the games you play?
Ellie: There are a lot of trees here-it's like a forest! And pretty mountains too. My favorite date is going to the cheese shop by the beach for yummy mac 'n cheese.
Addie: I like it when we play at the beach in the sand-oh, and picking flowers too!

Thanks for letting us join in the tour! If you are curious about the Playful Learning eLessons then today is your lucky day. You can try out the Power of Put-Ups: Teaching Kids Kindness Lesson free by entering the code WORLDPEACE at checkout.

Also, Playful Learning is generously offering a scholarship for one of the other e-lessons to one lucky Swoon reader! Comment on this post by Saturday August 31st at 12 pm PST to enter (please be sure to enter your contact info or website). A winner will be chosen at random.

For a chance to win a complete scholarship to all of the Playful Learning eLessons ask your children the same questions as above and upload a picture to the community gallery. Or, use the #playfultour hashtag on Instagram or Twitter to enter.

Thank you and good luck!