Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ellie's 6th Birthday Craft Party Reveal

Things have been pretty quiet around here, which usually means there is a lot going on behind the scenes. This last week I was busy planning a little shindig for this craft-loving six year old. December birthdays can be tricky, can't they? It seems that every other year we end up with a Christmasy theme and color scheme, mostly due to my own laziness, but this year she made it very clear that she wanted a different kind of party.

We decided on a craft party and I set to work trying to find the right crafts for a group of 10+ little people! I got lost in Pinterest-land and considered so many different angles (it was a bit stressful, really), but in the end I chose two very simple crafts and paired it with a few games. Naturally, yarn was at the centerpiece of the decor, which was so fun and easy to pull off.

Instead of party hats, we decided that these plain bear masks from Michael's were begging to be spruced up and worn. I added yarn pom poms to the ears of each mask and a small black pom pom for the nose.

For the craft time, we made sparkly snowflake ornaments (tutorial coming!) and pom pom picture frames. We put together a cute little craft kit for each child, wrapped it up, and put it in a berry basket, which also served as a favor bag at the end of the party. The craft time went more smoothly than I imagined and I'm so glad we decided to keep it simple!

Four layer, double chocolate cake topped off the day perfectly. I mean, did your Dad ever make you a cake like that? My girls are lucky to have him! We also served Parmesan popcorn, fruit in sugar cones, and berry cream cheese finger sandwiches. Little hands snatched it up before I could snap a picture, which is a good sign, I think.

The sparkler cake topper was definitely a hit! So, maybe it scared a few of them a bit (see above), but I think it was a happy, giddy kind of scared :)

Happy Birthday sweet Ellie!


  1. I LOVE this party. LOVE. The yarn theme is genius and I love the way you carried the colors and textures throughout without overdoing it! -Leah @ Love & Lion

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