Sunday, June 1, 2014

Make it: Simple Brass Necklace

For the last few seasons, I've been really drawn to simple and understated jewelry. It adds an elegant touch to both colorful and classic outfits, doesn't it? While there are plenty of talented shops and makers to choose from out there (try etsy keyword: minimalist jewelry), I like to try my hand at making things myself from time to time.

As you know, brass tubing has become a favorite material around here (remember this, and this?) and is easy to find in the model building section of Hobby Lobby and other craft stores.

All you need to make this modern necklace is....(1) piece of 3/32 brass tubing, a 30" thin gold chain necklace, a tubing cutter (found next to the tubing in most stores), ruler, sharpie, and needle nose pliers.

measure: using ruler, measure 3" on your brass tube and mark with the sharpie (for a more dainty necklace, go with a shorter cut).

cut: slide brass tube into tube cutter and cut (detailed instructions here).

repeat: repeat steps one and two to make a second piece.

remove: use needle nose pliers to open the jump ring and remove the lobster clasp from your necklace (hold one side of jump ring with thumb and forefinger of one hand, and use pliers to gently pull other side forward or back, do not pull side straight out as this will ruin the shape of the ring). Set both the jump ring and lobster clasp aside.

assemble: slide both pieces of brass tubing onto your necklace, bringing to the center of the chain. If it's a tight fit (mine was), use pliers to gently pull chain through tubing.

finish: slide jump ring back on to the end of your chain, add lobster clasp and close back up using your pliers to pull the ring back together.

Apparently I look pretty ticked off when I attempt a serious face in photos-ha! Happy necklace making friends!



  1. This is really pretty! I have some straight gold tube beads that I've never used. Now, I'm thinking of some ideas!

  2. Jewelry is one accessory that no one will ever get tired of wearing. Especially the vintage ones, because you can wear it for different seasons and occasions. Anyway, thanks for sharing! These are very beautiful and seem easy to make, since all of the materials are common inside the house, except maybe for the brass tubing.

    Brandi Bradley @ Rotax Metals