Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Keyword: Black House

Long before pinterest, I have always been inclined to pick up and collect little bits of inspiration along the way. I recently stumbled upon a file folder stuffed with pictures of interiors from magazines that I had carefully cut out around the age of twelve!

Throughout our grand remodel, I have been devouring inspiration and finding so many new things to love. I happened upon a picture of a black house and was struck by the stark contrast between the color of the house and the colors found in nature around it (see 02 above) and fell in love! It's not the right fit for our current house, but I'm tucking the idea away for a later time. And those white accents and a pop of green are a must!

What do you think? Would you ever paint your house black? A modern dark house would certainly cause a stir in my little town...

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  1. I would! :) my husband and I are actually planning on painting our new house a really dark charcoal (almost black) with white trim and a wooden fence similar to picture 3 above. But then again we are from Australia and that look is not uncommon here :)