Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Addie's Unicorn Fest '16

Way back in January (yes, a whopping three months ago) we had a little Unicorn Fest for our Addie girl's 6th birthday. She started asking for unicorns in the fall, so we went with it. Apparently, she has no memory of her epic Pony Party to celebrate her 3rd birthday (?!) but I think she'll remember this one.

I know it's common to say, but this girl has grown so much in the last year. She's bigger on the outside, and the inside too. I am so proud of the choices she's making and the spicy little lady she's becoming! A strong-willed, independent thinking, gorgeous, curious, kind, day-dreaming artist you are my sweet (Lord, give me the patience to wield these beautiful qualities in the right direction!).

Marbled balloons tied with ribbon, unicorn figurines, castle blocks, a sprinkle cake made by Dad, paper crowns, candy skewers and a giant unicorn portrait came together to make a special day. At the last minute, we decided we needed a little something more, so we threw some sequins on the table and called it good :)

Thank you to those who came out to celebrate our girl! We love you Addie and are so thankful you are in our family!

Resources: balloons, unicorns, unicorn portrait, sparkler candles, castle blocks, gold foil treat bags


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