Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A festive doily garland.

I, my dears, have entered a contest.  The whole idea behind the contest is to come up with a DIY party idea on a budget.

Truth be told, this garland was already on my list of things to make for another project, but why not put it in a contest too?  You can see all the details of the contest here.  Fingers crossed!

Anyway, contest or not, I would love to share this project with you:


A variety of crocheted doilies (I found some great vintage ones for about 1.50-2.00 each)
Jute twine
Fabric stiffener (I used a bottle and a half for four large and two small doilies)
Nylon fishing line
Lobster clasps (found in jewelry section)
Waxed paper
Sponge applicator
Small bowl

Step One:

Lay down some waxed paper on a hard surface and place a doily on top.  Pour some of your fabric stiffener in a small bowl.  Using your sponge applicator, brush stiffener on to the doily until it is saturated (follow directions on back of bottle).  It might take a lot!  Lay down some more waxed paper and move wet doily on to it to dry.  Repeat process with all doilies.  Allow to dry until completely stiff.

Step Two:

Once all of your doilies are dry, lay them out to decide how you want them to hang.  I chose a high, low pattern. 

Step Three:

Cut a piece of fishing line according to how low you want your doily to hang, leaving extra on each end for tying.  Tie one end to top of doily and double knot.  Tie the other end to a lobster clasp and double knot as well.  Continue with each doily.  String some jute twine up and fasten each lobster clasp to it until the desired arrangement is achieved.

I think this would look great over a table at a party or hung outdoors at a rustic wedding.  

 Wish me luck!


  1. That is so smart! I think doilies are so cute, but don't want to put them on shelves, etc. This is a great way to display them! Thanks for sharing and good luck!

  2. love your blog! just found it through the tiny hummingbird.

  3. this is a fantastic idea. thanks for giving it a go and sharing the how-to with us. it is so lovely i shared it forward with my readers.

  4. saw this through a womans haven .. I love this it looks so cute and pretty :D

  5. @Jill: Thank you-I hope you can use the idea for something!

    @Rose: Welcome!

    @Carina: Thank you so much for sharing the idea, you're so sweet :)

    @Inga's Haven: Thank you! I'm so glad the idea was shared over there!

  6. Hi, Randi! I found you again through Ohdeedoh. I loved your party in the orchard and wanted to ask you how you made the hanging doilies. I've been wanting to make a doily bunting for a while now and love the look or yours. I scrolled through you blog and found the instructions! Thanks! You've got some great ideas!