Monday, May 23, 2011


I'm so excited to announce this to you today!  I've been so lucky to meet two of the nicest (and super talented!) girls lately.  You might remember Danyelle and Lindsay from Project:Craft. They both have excellent blogs (you can find them at Dandee and RunLucasRun) and happen to share the same zip code with me. 

It's so nice to be able to "talk shop" with other bloggers.  Let's be honest, significant others and friends may eventually tire of hearing about your latest blogging ventures.  Blogging is such a unique experience, and many things are figure-out-as you go.   Having people to talk to and network with is a must.  Plus, I think bloggers are some of the best people and I want to meet more!

Are you a Tri-City area blogger?  If so, we would love to chat with you and share some Starbucks this Saturday.   Meet us there around 7:30?  Feel free to spread the word around.  It's time to connect.


  1. I wish I lived in the area. The graphics alone make me want to attend. :)

  2. i live in West Pasco...I'd love to visit...I haven't blogged in quite awhile...but I follow your great ideas and love your fun quirkiness! I'll be out of town this weekend...

    sounds like a great time with some fun ladies!!!

    ps...this is the first time I've commented before on your blog...