Monday, May 2, 2011

Life at the market

My dears, I wanted to share some photos from my recent trip to Seattle with you.  Fasten your seat belts, I may or may not have taken too many!

I lived in the Seattle area for almost five years, but never actually lived downtown.  It was fun to stay in the heart of it all for a few days, instead of just a quick visit.

We walked everywhere.  I really started to see the purpose of my sister's giant raincoat and rubber boots.  I discovered why Tom's are not so good in a flash flood downpour (especially paired with thin cropped pants).  I drove everywhere when I lived there so the rain was not a complete reality to me. I was overdressed at any given time.  To summarize: I didn't really fit in.  BUT, I had a great time anyway.

 My sister and her husband live in this awesome brick building in a tiny dorm-like apartment (the alley pictured above is directly behind the building).

The famed Pike Place Market is nearby.  My favorite thing is definitely all of the amazing flowers for sale.

I also love the wide selection of fresh fruits and vegetables available.

Right off the boat.

My sister introduced me to Piroshky Piroshky, a little Russian bakery that had the most amazing treats for breakfast.  It's located a couple of stores away from the original Starbucks.

Speaking of the green mermaid, we visited the Starbucks in Columbia Tower (the tallest building in Seattle).  It's way up on the 40-ish floor and open to the public.  There was an incredible (and free!) view of Seattle.  I couldn't help but snap a few.

I wish I had a different lens so I could catch the death-defying window washers we saw in action.

I forced my sister to take a couple of pictures of me while we were up there.  Hello rain-induced-Seattle frizz!

I love how versatile a city can be.  Everyone has their own take.  Do you know Seattle?  I would love to hear how you've experienced it.


  1. I got to visit Seattle once for a weekend in Nov. '09. Unfortunately I had to stick to someone else's schedule and did not get to sight see too much. I did get to see the Needle, Pike's Place, and the original Starbucks...would LOVE to go back one day on my time!

  2. Hey, I love your bog. I grew up in the Seattle area and long to get back. I'm in Utah for now but talk daily about moving back to the Northwest, I've been doing that for 10 years:) I think we are getting closed though. These pictures are beautiful, thanks for sharing...and for reminding me of why I love Seattle, rain and all!