Thursday, March 1, 2012


Sorry for the lack of creative posts this week, friends.  It seems that all sorts of real-life matters have taken over these past few days.  While I can't reveal the details of those matters quite yet, here are a few fun things we've been up to this week:

(instagramming as swoonstudio)

We had a nice little picnic in the slightly chilly weather (as in 55 degrees).  No big deal for a seasoned Washingtonian, but we were the only family in the park that day!

I've been sending tons of happy mail, thank you notes and packages this week and it feels good

I received two books in the mail and a can't wait to crack them open.  Printing by hand by Lena Corwin and Tender Hooks: Poems by Beth Ann Fennelly.  I'm exited for Lena's book for obvious reasons, and I'm hoping Beth Ann's book won't be too poetic for me.  I read one of her other books, Great with child, and loved it!

In other news, we decorated Ellie's book bag using some speedball ink and a stamp we had on hand and now I'm itching to do something more complicated and pretty (coming soon!).  I probably wouldn't have used that bright of an ink, but it was a rainy day and we used what we had.

And lastly, I am in LOVE with this kitchen!  You can find it in the latest edition of House Beautiful (March 2012).  I love the white enameled cabinets with metal trim, the copper pots, and the neutral tile.  Recently I've taken up the practice of scanning my magazine finds into the computer since I have tons of file folders of ideas already (I've been collecting pictures of interiors since middle school!).

I hope your week is treating you well!  I'll be back tomorrow with the latest installment of 2012 Month-by-month.


  1. Wow picnicing in 55 degrees! You guys are tough!!! I whine at anything under 70 degrees, but I"m a whiny Californian =)

    - Sarah

    1. I should mention it was 55 and super sunny! That's a good spring day in Seattle! It's been hilarious to live in California. Yesterday it was drizzling and the crossing guard at school was wearing head to toe rain gear :)

  2. I loved Great with Child and Tender Hooks - both are so beautiful to read as a mother.

  3. Gorgeous kitchen - I can see why you love it!