Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Porch Makeover

Even though we have a tiny apartment, we're lucky to have a spacious deck out back.  When we first moved in and it was warm out I imagined making the space an extension of our living room.  I dreamed of brightly colored pillows and potted plants. 

But, as fall and winter have come and (almost!) gone, the porch is in a pretty sad state.  Since there is very little rain here and the deck is well-protected, it has become a playroom of sorts.  I love having that space, but the only natural light we have in our apartment comes from having the blinds on the porch slider open and staring at piles of toys is less than inspiring.

I don't want to do much, since we have five short months left in this little home.  Can you believe that?  Five months until graduation, moving day and the due date of this little babe!  Anyway, I wanted to keep you in the loop of my little project.  I will post some before pictures and ideas soon.

It's been very interesting to enter the nesting phase of pregnancy with no real place for that energy to go.   If you come across any images of small decks or have any ideas for maximizing small outdoor spaces, send them my way!

image one/image two

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