Monday, April 9, 2012

Mini bouquet favors

It's now officially springtime, which means flowers are more abundant (and affordable) than ever!  Flowers make a great gift or favor, especially when bundled into little bouquets and wrapped in pretty paper.

Want to make your own? You can see the whole tutorial over at dotcoms for moms

Unless you're reading this in reader, you may notice a new little button on the side.  I'm happy to say I've just become a regular contributor over at dotcoms for moms.  In the future you can find all of my posts by clicking on the button (it will take you here).  It's a lovely site, full of pretty projects, ideas, recipes, and more.

Happy Monday to you!


  1. Happy Monday! How perfect!! So cute and simple, plus I love your cutting shears.

  2. Have I told you before that I love those scissors? I really do. :)

    1. They're my favorite too! If you do a search of "vintage bonzai scissors" or "vintage garden scissors" on etsy you can find some good deals on pretty scissors.