Monday, May 7, 2012

Painted burp cloths for baby.

How was your weekend, friends?  We stayed pretty close to home and caught up on some much needed relaxation and sleep.  It seems like the days are flying by at record speed around here, and sometimes I need to slow down and take it all in.

Thanks to pregnancy, I've been in perpetual project mode and this weekend at home was no exception.  I've had a package of flat, birds eye cotton burp cloths laying around for a while and finally decided what to with them.  Last week Danyelle featured an adorable confetti painted dish towel project and I decided to adapt the project to my burp cloths.

I have no idea how they'll hold up to extensive washing, but I love how they turned out!  I followed Danyelle's example completely, the only difference being that I cut one of the foam circles into a star shape before using it.

Want to make your own?  You can find the full tutorial over here!


  1. Love this! Especially since I have a baby on the way ;)

    - Sarah

  2. Those are so cute and I have a new nephew to pass some on to. Completely nice.