Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ikea hack: dipped children's table

We've had the LATT Children's table from Ikea in our home for over 3 years now.  Mostly I love unfinished wood furniture in its natural state, but quite frankly, I was tired of staring at this sad little table.  It was covered in crayon markings and the chairs had actually fallen apart beyond repair (my kids are tough on furniture).

I didn't get a before picture, but something inspired me a couple of weeks ago to give the table a little update.  Here she is after a good scrub and a few coats of paint:

I measured the same distance up each leg and taped a line using painters tape.  I also taped the inside of the tabletop.  I painted the frame and leg tops with about 4 coats of bright yellow acrylic paint (it dries fairly quickly between coats).  I let the table dry overnight and then sprayed the painted surfaces with an enamel finish so it wouldn't get scratched by my crazy kids.

I'm loving the pop of color this adds to our tiny, otherwise neutral, home!

P.S.  We found a great deal on some new children's chairs here.

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  1. Oh this looks really nice....I think my daughter would love it.

    I came to your blog from the diy you had about painting the little votives....happy to have found your blog.