Monday, July 9, 2012


We're back and settling in after our vacation last week!  We had a lot of fun exploring Sonoma county, Santa Rosa, and Russian River.  Most of all it was great to spend down time with family.  I think our favorite part was floating in the pool for hours, despite all of the more exciting things we saw and did!  Yesterday we did a bit of exploring in Saratoga, where we discovered an old Villa (now a park/event center) with gorgeous plants and landscaping (and a super rad colony of bird houses!). 

Unfortunately, there are mean people in this world and my purse and all of our camera gear was stolen while we played at the river on Friday (wah-waah).  I'm working on getting a replacement, but you'll understand if the posting is a bit light this week (I've already spent the whole morning on the phone with various banks and the insurance company)!

I hope you had a fabulous vacation week and a wonderful 4th! 


  1. I Badogga Bay in that area? I've been there...So sorry about theft. Not cool.

  2. I am imagining that you visited Villa I right? I went to school for a while at West Valley in Saratoga and discovered Villa Montalvo while I was there. I have great memories of roaming and sketching.

    You are visiting places near and dear to my heart I honeymooned at Russian River!

    So sad to hear about those mean people that took your things...

    xoxo Elizabeth