Thursday, July 26, 2012

We built this city (a handmade play mat)

Lately the girls have shown a fascination with cars and building things (it must come a little later for girls!).  One day I decided to experiment with making a little city for them on a poster board I had laying around.  They loved it so much that the poor thing ended up bent up, colored on, and in the garbage after a month.  But, it had been so well-loved that I ended up making a new one recently.  This time I added some new colorful blocks for city building, and a policy of "no stepping on the mat."

For the complete instructions and more, head on over to Playful Learning (and stay awhile for other good ideas).  Happy city building!

P.S. It's looking like there's a fair chance my little guy may come as early as next week.  Here's to a quick and safe delivery!  You can find me scrubbing the shower and running all over town for things like diapers and packing tape.


  1. Next week! So exciting!!

  2. This is ridiculously perfect LOVE it! P.S. found you from Babble - LOVE your blog!

  3. Mats for small babies come in hundreds of variations of bright colors. Many have just as many designs of animals, shapes, and neat things your baby will love.

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