Wednesday, February 6, 2013

To the Moon and back (a sweet Valentine for your littles)

The 8 am drive to school is the perfect time to ask the biggest questions of life, right? It must be, because that's what we've been doing this year. Five year old E has been saving the all big ones for that short drive. She likes to spring them on me, sitting two rows back, in a small voice I have to strain just to hear. Thankfully, the topics lately have been about the universe itself and how it all works (I guess we're done with death, God, and poverty for a while!). A mini obsession with the moon and the solar system has been born.

When it came to class Valentines this year, I immediately thought of her new found interest. We came up with a fun little card that features a special surprise inside...

Astronaut finger puppets! The inside of the card has a place for children to sign their name and a few instructions to help them cut and assemble their new little friends. When I showed the card to E, she wanted to play with the moon too, so we cut it out. She's really excited to pass these out to her friends next week!

Would you like to share one with a friend too?

Grab a piece of thick paper and a paper trimmer, and head over here to download the card.

Once printed, trim a 1/4" off the long edges of the paper, and 1 1/2" off the shorter ends. Fold the page in half so the moon is in the front. Fold again and you are done.

If you want to use the card for an adult instead, simply cut the card in half width wise and fold. Write a sweet little note inside, seal it with a kiss, and make someone's day!


  1. Such a cute idea! Thanks for sharing.

  2. valentine's is past but i still think i'm going to print this out and leave it somewhere for my husband to discover (sans astronaut man, i think). this is darling. thank you for sharing.