Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

How was your Halloween? We had a lovely time ourselves. I know when I wake up tomorrow, I will be bombarded with Christmas ads, Jingle Bells, and the infamous red cups at Starbucks. While I'm excited, I am already mourning the loss of fall. It's really not gone yet, or lost, but tomorrow it will seem that way as Thanksgiving gets more and more lumped in with Christmas. This season is one of my favorites and I, for one, am going to wait a little longer to let it go.

This year the girls wanted to choose their own costumes, so I surprised myself by committing to make them by hand. E knew she wanted to be a cheerleader all year long, which was fairly easy to make...iron-on letter, school uniform skirt, tissue paper pom-poms made while catching up on Netflix-check, check, check. But, A turned out to be a bit of a chameleon this year. Her choices were changing daily and were ranging from Rapunzel (easy) to Jesus (hard?).

She finally decided on Freddy the Frog from Trader Joe's. You know, the little frog they like to hide in the store for little ones to find? I surprised myself again by sewing a frog hat and mittens for her. I used the cozy bear hood pattern from the Oliver + S book Little Things to Sew and modified the ears a bit to look more like frog eyes. I also used their mitten pattern and added a frog shaped hand on top. I have never made an actual piece of clothing before or really followed a pattern, so I am pretty proud of this little costume!

I can't say that I will make their costumes every year, but I sure loved the process of making their ideas come to life!

I hope you had a fantastic Halloween yourself. And remember, it's okay to hold on to fall for a little bit longer (resist the urge!)...


  1. I'm so impressed with your endeavors!! And the lion mane is killing me!

  2. Randi, I'm so impressed with your frog costume, especially after learning that you don't have much experience making clothes or following a pattern. Well done!