Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Scenes From a Casual Craft Night.

Recently a friend and I decided to host a little craft night. Although everything in me wanted to go overboard with the theme, we decided to keep it casual. Just a few gourmet snacks (cream puffs, cookies, artichoke dip, etc.), a small amount of decor, and a lot of creative space for people to do their thing.

We sent out a simple invitation via social media and had a great turn out. People brought all of the little projects they had been putting off and got to work. We provided a few craft starters for those who were interested. In honor of the upcoming holiday season, we had supplies on hand to make custom gift wrap and tags. Paint pens, pom poms, stamps, gold leaf, and more! We also had bundles of burlap, paint, twine, and stencils for those who wanted to make a custom banner. This project was a huge hit and easy to complete.

These simple, easy going parties are really starting to grow on me. What's next? I think a gift wrapping party would be fantastic! Raise your hand if you get tired of the wrapping you picked out halfway through the whole daunting process? I think it would be fun for everyone to bring their rolls and switch it up a bit. Not to mention sipping wine with friends while wrapping gifts sounds way better than the late night speed wrapping that usually happens around here...

What are your favorite gatherings this time of year?


  1. Sounds like a great event. And the idea of a gift wrapping event as well. Maybe I will do that myself - too bad that Denmark is so far away - otherwise I would love to join yours :-) Cheers, Anne-Mette from Copenhagen, DK (www.femthe.blogspot.com)

  2. Looks like a lovely evening, Randi. I've often thought of hosting a casual craft night for friends, but haven't done it yet.

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