Thursday, February 6, 2014

Eraser Valentines for your little Sweetheart

As promised, here is another simple idea for class valentines. I recently stumbled upon a section of adorable Japanese erasers at our local toy shop. They were too cute to resist, and since my little Kindergartener and her friends are learning to write, I knew they would perfect. These little cherries are my favorite and come in six fun colors (you can also find Japanese cherry erasers here). The fruit comes off the stem for easy erasing.

I made another simple template and laid the cherries on top before punching two holes with a small hole punch near each side of the cherry stem. I used a little bit of black thread to tie the eraser to the card and had my daughter sign her name. I had some stripey waxed paper lying around that I ended up making little envelopes from (there are only ten kids in her class!).

The thing I love about this Valentine is that you can use any cute eraser you can find. I'm partial to the Japanese ones, such as these zoo animals, or these vehicle and plane erasers. You could also search your local craft store for other fun options.

Click here to download the eraser Valentine template.

Happy Valentine making!

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  1. Oh this is perfect! simple + cute, I love it!