Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Plan Happy Project

My friend Michelle, one half of the creative duo behind Twig Creative, is here to today to share an amazing way to build some fun into your summer! I really hope you decide to play along on with us on Instagram!
When summer was fast approaching, so was my anxiety. No more preschool break each week and no more structure that my four year old wild child thrives on. So, I knew something had to be done. We've tried lists and calendars and charts before and we've proven to be pretty bad at them, but I was determined to figure out a way to keep our sanity this Summer and not settle on constant screen time. I realized that putting in that extra effort of planning can result in a lot more happiness; for both me and my child.

This inspired Plan Happy Project. I created a simple chart listing each day with a picture representing that particular days activities. For example, our Tuesdays look a little like this: a t.v. representing cartoon time in the morning, a school book representing tracing pages, a grocery cart representing that it's our grocery day, a painting palette representing project time, and flowers representing outside time.

We made a list of projects that we would like to accomplish as well as a list of outings for our weekly Friday outing time. There are thousands of activities you can find on pinterest for occupying a child, but I wanted to keep it fairly simple. Yes, I want to plan ahead, but I don't want to create that insanity this whole plan was intended to avoid by putting too much stress on the steps to planning or purchasing supplies. We need projects that can be done in our home with mostly items we already have.

Some of those activities include:

Friendship Bracelets
Cloud Charts
Swimming Pool Bubbles
Finger Puppets
Letter Cookies
Homemade Popsicles
Painting Outdoors
Outdoor Movie
Sewing a pillow

We're early into the Summer, but giving my child something to look forward to each day keeps her excited and interested. As a Mom of two and a small business owner, life can get busy. Giving my child the responsibility to look at her calendar and then come to me with what our plan is helps keep us both happy and helps the rhythm and flow of our day stay smooth.

We hope you'll join us and share your ideas as well, using the hashtag #planhappyproject

Randi created a simple weekly calendar as well, for writing out your schedule or drawing pictures of your day. Click here to download and enjoy!

Thanks for joining us today Michelle!

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