Monday, December 6, 2010

Dutch Pink & Italian Blue

My daughter is the girliest of girls so naturally her birthday party had to involve pink.  I wanted to have a dreamy, vintage inspired party with some one of a kind details.

Dress-up is a favorite game of hers, so the boys got to wear mustaches, while the girls had fancy headpieces and party hats made from some extra party plates.

I recently went to an amazing event called project craft.  The decor included a vintage suitcase with Izze soda in it as well as paper bags filled with popcorn.  Obviously I was inspired!  Ellie loves popcorn and we had some suitcases at home already.  Thanks for the idea!

Cheese, crackers, Parisian macarons, and these fun party poppers filled with dried fruit were some of the offerings.  The tutorial I used to make the poppers can be found here.

The favor was a simple felt flower to be hung on guests Christmas trees.

Handmade vintage fabric and wool felt flowers were on the tables and we all hung our tags with special messages to her on her very pink Christmas tree (courtesy of Nana).  See the explanation for the tags here.

The happy Birthday girl playing with her new dollhouse. 


  1. Randi! I think we missed the party of the year! You are sooooo talented and creative. Love the colors and the theme of "dress up." Edd says you could do a business hosting parties. :)


  2. Wowie-zowie! Those are awesome pictures, inspiring ideas, and one beautifully captured party for the little Princess!