Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Business cards + Doily envelope tutorial

I recently made some simple business cards to hand out.  Since most of my designs include a handmade element, I wanted my cards to as well.

Doily envelopes are easier to make than you may think!  The original tutorial I used can be found here, but I improvised a little since I could only find round doilies at the store.

The basic idea is to make a template of your envelope shape, trace it on to a piece of vellum paper and cut out.  Use spray adhesive to adhere a doily to your vellum and cut to fit.  Fold and secure the inside of your envelope with double stick tape.  Pretty easy, right?  I think they would be great for a wedding invitation.


  1. Now that makes a statement...a wonderful statement about you, your creativity and sense of fun. Nice job!

  2. Wow beautiful Gift Card envelopes..this is what i need and looking for..it look very special.