Monday, March 21, 2011

Day trip to Walla Walla

How was your weekend?  We had a great time Saturday browsing the shops and eating in Walla Walla, our favorite small town nearby.  Besides the famous sweet onion, we love the pretty 40 minute country drive on the way there and the little main street  filled with shops and wine tasting rooms.  Of course we forgot our camera this time!  These pictures were taken last summer by my husband.

We always get a coffee when we get there and stroll the street for a while with the girls before eating dinner or lunch at our favorite cafe, the Olive.

The restaurant is also a marketplace and they sell excellent cheese and wine.  They also have an amazing farmers market there in the spring and summer.  Very European, don't you think?  We love their pizza and sandwiches and the desserts are to die for.

We also love the sweet little toy shop. We picked up a couple of dollar toys for the girls including some little wooden spinning tops.  This time I noticed some darling mobiles with little hand painted hot air balloons hanging from the ceiling in the shop that would be perfect for a colorful nursery.  We also spent some time in the sunshine at the local park. 

I'm so glad we have a little place to escape to!  How about you, where do you go to get away?


  1. I love WallaWalla! Now you're making miss WA :( haha... I love all your pictures. What kind of DSLR do you own? I'm thinking about making the plunge but with all the choices I'm getting overwhelmed with choices and decisions....

  2. Hi Kellee!

    I know NOTHING about cameras (my husband is the technical one), but I have loved our Canon T2i so much. I've even been able to operate it in manual mode-which is saying a lot! Even in the automatic mode my photos look so much better than they used to with our old camera. Hope that helps!